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Ygritte and jon snow dating in real life

10-Jul-2017 23:31


Apr 4, 2016. Yes, after four years of rumored on- and off-again dating, the real-life Ygritte and Jon Snow made their debut as a couple on the red carpet of. Jan 31, 2016. Their onscreen romance mht have come to a tragic end, but in real life Ygritte and Jon Snow's love lives on. Game Of Thrones stars Kit. Little did you know of course you knew Rose Leslie Ygritte and Kit Harington Jon have been dating in real life for a while now. And, they just got engaged.


Ygritte and jon snow dating in real life

TMZ has reported that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are now dating each other! I love when life. Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke dating rumors have been going around for. Jon Snow and Ygritte played as star-crossed lovers in "Game of. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie—perhaps better known to Game of Thrones fans as Jon Snow and Ygritte—are dating in real life. Queue the.


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Jon Snow and Ygritte are still going strong. on-screen Game of Thrones romance in the past, in real life they're still going strong. a surprise, given the fact that the couple had been rumored to be dating on and off for years. Apr 4, 2016. 21 Real-Life Photobombs That Prove Timing Is Everyth. And for almost four years Rose Leslie and Kit Harington, aka Ygritte and Jon Snow, have kept us guessing about their relationship IRL – with rumours of them dating, breaking up, dating again, and even being engaged. And life couldn't be better.


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Apr 4, 2016. The Actors Who Play Jon Snow and Ygritte Are a Real-Life Couple. Rose Leslie Ygritte and Kit Harington Jon Snow made their debut as a. May 24, 2017. Harington famously plays Jon Snow, who fell in love with Leslie's. in tragedy, the two actors are now in a flourishing real life relationship. Jon and Ygritte's love ended in season four. He wouldn't even confirm to Hill exactly how long they've been dating even though fans of the show know they met in.