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Exo dating quiz

25-Jul-2017 02:36


Let's both admit it! Not every girl will be compatible with these idols, and that could possibly mean you and me, ages aside. Let's see who the closest, match for. May 19, 2016. It's tough trying to pick an EXO bias. Still it must be done. Take our quiz to find out which one is the one for you! node_list title="FOR MORE". Jul 22, 2014. 0. SHARES. ; Twitter; Google+. SEE ALSO Pop Quiz Which member of 2NE1 or Girls' Generation are you?


Exo dating quiz

This is just a fun quiz that decides which EXO member would be your boyfriend if you ever happened to get that chance. $1May the odds be in your favor. Kai-EXO. Who is your Kpop Boyfriend? My Quizzes Make a Quiz! Your. In this quiz, you will find out if you are pretty or not. Below 50, your okay. Exo dating quiz bias Your EXO boyfriend Comments 647 this quiz is going to be longer than expected Don't hate on me, Choose the date that is closest to your own.


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Apr 25, 2014. EXO is a 12 member K-Pop boy and everyone should listen to them! Take this quiz to find out who you will marry. Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is In EXO With A Cute Short Story At The End!


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Jul 4, 2014. Take this quiz to find out which EXO member will be your future husband. Feb 10, 2016. Although the chances are slim, I would give anything to run into EXO on their current U. S. tour! I'm also extremely curious to see which member.