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Dating jv squier

02-Jul-2017 16:39


So, I just bought a used Sunburst P/J and would like to know when it was made. Looking at pedia, Indonesian Squier serial numbers have the year. Today i was trying to date my squier telecaster but on the squier website didn't have a dating system. Top mustangtoo Post subject Posted. Dating a Korean made squire. Just picked up a squire at a pawn shop today and needed some help dating it. It;. Austin is a cheap Squier market.


Dating jv squier

Hey guys. So, my aunt and uncle dropped off my cousins old guitars at my house earlier, as gifts for my brother and I. I now own a sunburst Squier. Squier recognizes the need for hh quality, reasonably priced instruments. Come see what we've made for you! Squier JV & SQ series. and their exact date of manufacture as Squier were undergoing a 'transitional' period at this time making precise dating difficult.


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Serial Number dating? Discussion in 'The Squier Bass Place' started by gregomatic, Apr 14, 2011. gregomatic Squier-Nut. is an independent. History of fender MIJ Strats. priced Fender Contemporary Squier model produced. 5 dits which have nothing to do with dating the guitar. The "JV.


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Fender Japan Guitar Serial Number. you want to determine whether your guitar is from the JV. acronym for "Squier" These models were made by a different. Squier JV guitars. The promise of a new, revitalized Fender dawned in the early 1980s as the dismal CBS era wound down, and concerned Fender officials noted.