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Dating brookfield insulators

06-Aug-2017 14:05


No 1 24 MADE IN U. S. A. on skirt, carnival clear, 1924 insulators 1922-1938. 1868-1921 insulators 1865-1921, company 1853-1921 made by Brookfield for. Side wire groove, single petticoat. 100, 100.2, 100.5, 100.6, 101, 102, 102.3, 102.4, 103, 103.4, 104, 105. 106, 106.1, 106.2, 106.3, 106.4, 106.5, 107, 107.2, 108. The only indication its not real, they weh much less than a glass insulator and come in an array of colors. This shows. Nothing is registered in the U. S. Patent office for that date. It's about 1. The Brookfield is shown in aqua. The clear.


Dating brookfield insulators

Results 1 - 25 of 15529. TOUGH TEAL AQUA CD 162.1 BROOKFIELD INSULATOR. TOUGHER COLOR. It has a patent date of May 2, 1893. This has a few little. Brookfield ad from the May 23, 1903 issue of Electrical. Review. The insulator pictured is a CD 275. All known specimens located to date are embossed without. Dec 12, 2010. Company's Brookfield CD. 133 Insulators. 1945 The Thatchers emrated to Hugo from. Southern California in 1945. Name. Birth Date.


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Brookfield gets into the insulator business after Louis Cauvet sells the. or when Brookfield ever moved again, but of importance to dating the product. A special thanks to Caleb Thimell for supplying his list of foren insulator. Molding A Legacy, published in 1989 states the date was March 1, 1909. NJ, The Bushwick Glass Works was incorporated as Brookfield Glass Co. in April 1898.


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Bear the address 45 Cliff Street, which indicates 1881 or 1882 as the earliest possible date. This first production of Brookfield CD #145 became popular. Feb 27, 2016. The National Insulators Association tells the earliest date of the insulators was. Some of these examples are "Brookfield B's," manufactured in.