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Dating van briggle marks

26-Jul-2017 02:45


Van Brgle Pottery FakesBy look-alike marks. letter A's and "Van Brgle". Pre-1920 marks usually included a date and often had a desn or glaze number. Dec 2, 2006. Van Brgle pottery vases marked with the USA mark snifies production between 19. Van Brgle pottery with the USA mark is. Early pottery marks included the company name “Van Brgle”, the “AA” logo which. Dating Van Brgle pieces from the 1920s thru the 1960s is easy because.


Dating van briggle marks

Van Brgle Antique & Collectable Looking for Van Brgle Pottery was started by Artus Van Brgle in Colorado Springs, Colorado, after 1901. Van Brgle had. Fire, flood, and several different owners all contributed to the myriad of bottom markings, leaving no consistency to identification of Van Brgle pottery. Desn #654 Desned by Anne Gregory Van Brgle Desn date 1907 Size 3.75" Glaze Mulberry Production date1919-1920.


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Feb 12, 2013. Dating Van Brgle pottery is often revealed in the differences in the. Remember, too, that those markings may have faded over the years. Mar 23, 2016. Antoinette Rahn investates Artus and Anne Van Brgle, a talented duo. marked with various Van Brgle makers' marks, sold for $937.50 at auction. Quarterly newsletter and the “Official Van Brgle Pottery Dating Guide.


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STUDIO STONEWARE POTTERY MARKS - Google Search. Dating Van Brgle Pottery. Dating. Dating Van Brgle Pottery. Van Brgle vase, 1907. Van Brgle Pottery 1903 Flowers Matte Green Vase Shape 105 from Just Art Pottery. With a basic knowledge of clay color and texture and bottom markings, approximate dating of Van Brgle Pottery can easily be determined. Since the majority of.